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As you might have heard Sony (not NBC, NBC doesn’t own the show*) fired Dan Harmon off Community, which means the end of Community as we know it and probably the start of some half-assed 9th Season of Scrubs-like fourth season at worst, and a “Eh, it’s enjoyable to hang out with these people, I guess, but remember the first three seasons, man?” fourth season. So, you’re probably rewatching the series, like I am, and pouring one out for the fallen leader. So, here’s the rules (shots can be fingers of your drink, also):

  • Jeff Winger speech- If it fails, take a shot. If it succeeds, two shots/half your drink.
  • Abed says “Cool/Cool. Cool cool cool.” or Abed refers to life being like a TV show-take a shot.
  • Britta is the worst- take a shot. If someone outside the group calls Britta the worst, take two shots.
  • Annie gasps in shock or Awwws something- take a shot. Two shots if it’s in conjunction with Shirley doing the same thing.
  • Shirley uses her sexy voice/mentions Jesus- take a shot. If both, take two shots.
  • Pierce comically misses the point- take a shot.**
  • Donald Glover one liner or Troy mishears/mispronounces a word- take a shot.
  • Dean in a costume- take a shot. (Don’t start with “Paradigms of Human Memory”)
  • 1st season only: Chang abuses his teaching powers, take a shot. 2nd and 3rd season: Chang uses his name as a pun, take a shot. Anyone else uses Chang’s name as a pun, two shots.
  • You spot a movie reference/TV Trope before it’s said by name- two shots. After it’s said- one shot.
  • Shipping moments: Trobed, Jean, Anbed, Jetta, Brinnie, Abetta, Jennie, Broy- one shot. Jerley, Cherly, Shierce, Channie’s Boobs- 2 shots. Aang (either Abed/Chang or Annie/Chang)-3 shots.

*Although NBC wasn’t really all that worked up about it, with Bob Greenblatt saying, “[S]hows lose showrunners all the time.” It’s not their fault that Dan Harmon was fired, but it’s kind of their fault that they didn’t renew the show with a clause that he’d still be on as showrunner (because why renew it in the first place anyway?).

**I guess you could also add “Pierce says something racist/homophobic” but hey, it’s your liver.

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