Lit is a bar in Athens that boasts having something like 500 different flavors of long island iced tea. Lit is a bar that charged me a $2.00 cover (first bad sign) for what was apparently a “wet bikini contest” that I didn’t know was happening.

I stayed in Lit for about 3 minutes. Let me describe these three minutes to you.

  1. I walk in the door and head to the bar.
  2. On my way to the bar, I notice that what appeared to be a group of middle school boys were sitting on a bench across from the stage.
  3. I then look around and see that this bar contains about 15 people, a DJ, 2 bar tenders, and 2 door men.
  4. No one was dancing. This was probably a good thing.
  5. No one was dancing because they were waiting for a bikini contest to start.
  6. 5 of the least appealing girls I could possibly imagine then get on stage and begin to grind on each other.
  7. My friends and I then glance over the menu of drink “specials” to see that they charge about over 5 dollars* for well drinks that are smaller than average.
  8. We leave as fast as we possibly can.

Wino Tips:

  1. Don’t go to Lit.
  2. I went to Allgood later that night. Try a Mandarin Absolut and Seltzer there, it’s quite tasty and rather cheap.

*For those of you in larger cities where this seems like a good deal, it isn’t. That’s about how much decent, regular drinks cost at most bars.

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