Well, this happened. Carly Rae Jepson put out a single with Owl City. Remember Owl City? They’re that crossover Christian band who rips off the Postal Service and thinks it’s weird to hate goodbyes. The song is called “Good Time” and it’s aggressively optimistic. I can’t say I’m havingContinue Reading

Those of us who love 30 Rock can’t believe the low ratings that it and its other critically acclaimed NBC Thursday night shows pull. Everyone we know watches, and everyone relates to Liz Lemon. What we forget is that we’re not everyone. It’s probably even a good thing that weContinue Reading

The wonderful Memory Tapes put together a playlist for Alarm that’s pretty great in concept and execution. It features “Angst In My Pants,” so what’s not to love? Songs to Drink and Resent People ToContinue Reading

According to, federal lawmaker’s latest attempt to invade our internet privacy is in the name of curbing child pornography. The “SAFETY Act” would basically require all everyone to keep logs of internet activity for individuals for two years. “While the Internet has generated many positive changes in the wayContinue Reading

This has not been a good week for internet rights and privacy. First, the infamous but fortunately revoked changes to Facebook’s TOS, then Tumblr deleted five “anonyblogger” accounts that had been used to insult other users, leaving many users concerned about censorship on the platform. The latest cause for concernContinue Reading

A couple of weeks ago, Girls Night In did a show on the “ladder theory,” which is in short a method of describing the interaction and differences between men and women. Interesting and insightful as that may be, we had probably best admit that Mario’s explanation of relationships is muchContinue Reading