[Terrible] Ideas for the Weekend: Let’s watch all of fun.’s covers on Youtube. Let’s all go out with bartenders who call everyone “honey,” and “love.” Let’s go shopping for our friend’s wedding gift, even though she didn’t invite us to her shower last weekend. That’s not rude, right? Right! Let’sContinue Reading

*Thing they don’t really do in Chile Today, we’re going to take a magical (imaginary) journey to the furthest corner of the world. Oooh, chilly. No, darling, it’s Chile!  But it is freezing here, so it works. We’re in Punta Arenas, Chile in the 12th district, also known as the MagallanicContinue Reading

Did you know that the Jonas Brothers broke up? Me neither. They may be on hiatus, or whatever, but the oldest one is married and the youngest had a side project (or so my 8 year old sister tells me), which left poor Joe in the cold. But being the talentedContinue Reading

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quqw7dC17DU?wmode=transparent&autohide=1&egm=0&hd=1&iv_load_policy=3&modestbranding=1&rel=0&showinfo=0&showsearch=0&w=500&h=375] Yes, ladies, that is Joe “Purity Ring” Jonas telling you how he wants to rock you all night long and do all the little things you like. You’re even sexier than you feel right now! Happy Tuesday!Continue Reading

totesinappropes-: It’ll be something like “Don’t get married just so you can fuck someone. Here, I’ll buy you a Rabbit.” Also included with my vibrator donation: three ecology classes (so they can see that the world is pretty crowded), three economic classes (so they can see that money doesn’t growContinue Reading