Sometimes links build up that can’t really be turned into an article of their own but are fully worth a read and a share. This time we found 4 great reads ranging from deep dives into sexuality to make-up transformations. 1. Self Acceptance of Sexuality By Shannon Gaffney Tristan Riggs,Continue Reading

This is a question I think almost everyone in the LGBTQ+ community has asked themselves at some point. Discovering your sexuality is a rollercoaster of a journey and potentially one of the most confusing times in your life. I’m sure at some point we’ve taken the classic “what’s my sexuality?”Continue Reading

Adin Smith is an awesome photographer, lover of the environment, occasional porn entrepreneur, and all around amazing guy. Let’s get to know him a bit. Shall we? All images in this post are by Adin, and all of them link to a larger version you can get your eyes on. (There’sContinue Reading