She does something vaguely regarding the law for a living. But, we’re here to talk with her because of her unfiltered political beliefs and her part as one-third of the longest-running, weekly, episodic, wrestling review show. Smart Wrestling Fan. YOU CAN LISTEN TO HER, AND FIND HER ON TWITTER–AFTER YOUContinue Reading

The following is a guest post by Frank Bello. Read more about Frank on his blog. This post originally appeared after the 3rd season of Community. But, now that it’s on Netflix and Hulu, it’s time for a binge and a few drinks while we get over this surge inContinue Reading

Article by Annika Hagley, Roger Williams University and Michael Harrison, San Diego Mesa College The release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came in the middle of a slate of superheroic movies including Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and the second in a series of X-Men prequels. Expectations for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wereContinue Reading