Last night was a wild ride with Tiffany talking to the cameras, lamenting how she thinks America will hate her if she turns on Kyland, and attempting to form a team to go against him. The team: Derek X, Claire, Hannah, Whitney, and herself.

Then, she went to bed….

Clearly, there weren’t visions of sugarplum fairies dancing in her head, but instead visions of angry BB fans in the BB Twitter Streets. She woke up this morning seeming to be more committed to the Cookout than ever—at least while she’s scheming with them.

She made the rounds, chessboard in tow, to map it all out. The Cookout shall now be modeled after The Brigade from BB12. The path is the same as last night when she saw Kyland as being in the best position, but turns outwardly instead of inwardly at the Cookout.

The Plan

Tiffany now sees that she can weaken Kyland without imploding her main (TBD, honestly) alliance of the season. So, as she was in the HoH room with X and Kyland, she played it all out with their help.

Who’s Next? Whitney or Alyssa

She doesn’t care about the order, but these are the two “extras” that don’t fit in with their parachute alliance plan. Alyssa going also opens up Christian for being a part of the longer plan.

Pair it Down

Xavier and Christian: These two are freed to pair up once Alyssa is out, freeing up her showmance partner, and Whitney is out, so she isn’t percieved as being close to X.

Hannah and Derek X: These are mostly already a pair, but Whitney puts a kink in that until she is gone.

Tiffany and Claire: These are already a pair, if they want to be or not, thanks to Kyland getting so many more numbers with him alone than with the three of them as a team.

Kyland and Sarah Beth: These two are so much of a pair already, that I’m not sure Ky sees her as below the Cookout in his on boot order.

Azah and Britini, with a side of Derek F: Sure, whatever.

Boots the House Down

The pairs allow them to have an out to vote out the non-cookout member if a pair is ever on the block together without revealing their alliance to everyone. The ideal order for Tiffany at this point is as follows:

Cut Christian and then Cut Derek X

This will allow Xavier to form a new pair with Hannah, the lowest member in the Cookout totem pole.

Cut Claire and Sarah Beth

This frees up Tiffany to work with her preferred partner, Kyland instead of the partner forced on her by circumstance. She does really like Claire, she just mentioned several times last night that she and Claire were “a pair if they wanted to be or not” while camera-talking.

Cut Britini

This one just removes the non-Cookout member from a trio.

An All-New, All-Different Top 6

I mean, Hannah isn’t really in the Cookout.

This would leave the Cookout with their plus one, Hannah, in the Top 6. An historic Big Brother first, for sure. That being said, there have been many alliances who are successful in the beginning, make big proclamations about their boot order, and then lose a lot of their members.

Will they be able to pull this off? Which of them would be the first to go? Could they even assure that their non-Cookout partner could be persuaded to only target pairs? There are still more questions than answers, but chill, we’re only in the third week of this thing.

Wait, those new pairs in the Cookout? I see you, Tiffany.

Real quick before I finish this post I just wanted to point out that the Top 6 pairing of Derek F and Azah are fucked. Tiffany gets to work this Kyland like she’s been wanting to. X could carry Hannah, but that is two on one.

At the same time, Tiffany can’t think she and Kyland make a good Final 2 for her. So, extending her train of thought, she would try and make it her and him both on the block at some point to try and get him out. “No risk, no reward ant all that.”

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