Liz Lemoning in Your 20s

Those of us who love 30 Rock can’t believe the low ratings that it and its other critically acclaimed NBC Thursday night shows pull. Everyone we know watches, and everyone relates to Liz Lemon. What we forget is that we’re not everyone. It’s probably even a good thing that we aren’t.Liz Lemon is for those of us who stay at home on the internet on Saturday nights, helping to debunk any theories our teenage siblings’ friends may have had about twenty-somethings being cool. Thankfully we live in an age where somewhat sad, unsocial behavior is embraced by a relatively well-received portion of our culture. Considering that 85% (!) of spring 2011 graduates returned to live with their parents, it’s probably a good thing that there’s some margin of acceptance for drinking alone and acting like our cats are our best friends (although, can I call for a moratorium on that one? Jesus fuck. Your cat is a cat. We get it). Still, while we should appreciate not having to feel too entirely alienated during our time of pathetic, lonely desperation, it’s also for the best that there are still other people out there, living lives completely apart from out internet zeitgeist. It’s a damn shame that they have the power to cancel programs that the rest of us love (COMMUNITY DON’T GO COME BACK INTERNET LOVE COMMUNITY) through sheer ignorance, but without them, we’d probably be somehow even less happy.(PS I KNOW THAT THIS IS FROM 2 MONTHS AGO BUT IT IS STILL THE WORST LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT FELLOW AWFUL SELVES)