Funny Redheaded Stepchild


walkerHi. My name is Walker, and I semi-frequently tell jokes to people in Athens. A lot of people do. If you are unaware of that, I am very sorry. There are a lot of very funny people. Some of the funniest people I've ever met in fact. Comedy in Athens has spun out some really good talent and it's a big stop for great national acts. We've had Jerry Seinfeld, Louis C.K., Hannibal Buress and Doug Stanhope in town over the last few years. Local comics open for the big names all the time. And they are killing it.Also: I'm pretty sure no one cares.I mean, I care. The people doing comedy here care. But the Flagpole doesn't care, your favorite venue doesn't care and probably none of your friends care.Let me tell you what I mean. Caleb Synan is a very funny guy who hosts the OpenTOAD open mic at Flicker twice a month. He lives in Atlanta now, but he used to tell jokes here even more than he still does. Todd Glass called this guy one of his favorite Atlanta comedians and he's been putting in shows in New York. What I'm saying is, if he were a band he would be the hometown party band going off to bigger and better things. He got featured in the Flagpole at one point. How, you ask? In an article about the local music scene.Funny kids are the also ran.I guess that's the downside to being in a town legendary for music. People want to hear about the music. But this place considers itself an incubator for all kinds of art and entertainment. We have art galleries and theater companies that regularly get the attention they deserve from the local critics and tastemakers. It's not like there isn't supply. We have stand up comedians by the bushel, sketch performers like the wonderful people behind Sharkwing and improv from Improv Athens and the Audience.So come on. We're the town that helped produce the Beards of Comedy. If you don't know who that is, look those guys up they are very funny. They have an album on Spotify, it's not that hard. Just do it. Show the clowns in this music city some love. An active, savvy audience has made this a place that produces national talent in one field. Spread the magic around.Otherwise we'll be making fun of you in specials in a decade and a half. So there.Walker Smith is a standup comedian. You can find more stuff about stuff from him at and @jokesmithe on Twitter. He loves you very much.