Netflix Pick: Awkward.

MTV's Awkward

MTV's Awkward

MTV's Awkward returns Tuesday, April 16th, at 10 PM. Luckily for everyone, it's available for power-catch-up-marathoning on Netflix right now. If you haven't already, definitely check this one out. It's the best take on a high school show that I've seen since Freaks and Geeks. The first two seasons combined total a cable-sized 24 episodes, so catching up shouldn't be a problem. Though, you should know that season 3 is going to be a network-sized 20 episodes.

For a quick run-down of the show: Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) is a social outcast who everyone thinks attempted suicide. Season 1 revolves around this new-found attention and her slow-to-start will they/won't they romance with Jake. Season 2 dips into daddy-issues territory— but, trust me—it's good.

Now, go forth and stream!

UPDATE 5/15/2013: It appears that this was one of the titles that expired when Netflix's over-arching Viacom deals lapsed.

UPDATE 5/25/2015: It's on Amazon Prime, y'all.