Athens Pub Crawl: Highwire Lounge


Highwire's Superb Mint Julep, via Highwire's Facebook PageI’m going to go ahead and preface this entire run-down with the confession that Highwire is my favourite bar in Athens, Georgia. Why? The mixologists on staff are some of the best around and have access to amazing small-batch liquors along with superbly fresh ingredients.Highwire has an extensive menu with drinks ranging from $4 cucumber caprioskas that will invigorate you with their freshness to pricey seasonal cocktails that are worth every penny. Each drink item is describes perfectly and sorted by liquor-type. So, as long as you take your time and know your tastes, you can’t go wrong.If there’s a classic drink that isn't on the menu, don’t hesitate to ask anyone behind the bar for it anyway. Chances are that they know how to make it and will be more than willing. This is how I discovered that I love the French 75 they make—it’s simply fantastic.Check out one of the summer cocktails they have going on right now:

Modern English
  • silver tequila
  • blackberries
  • sage
  • lime
  • sugar cane syrup

Wino Tip:The drinks here are mighty tasty—but, they aren't going to treat your wallet that nicely. I would recommend starting off here early in the evening for a drink or two before heading to a different location for the long-haul.