The Very Mary-Kate Drinking Game!

That's what makes the drink so game!

That's what drinks the game so make!

That's what drinks the game so make!

This one comes straight from the latest video. She spits out the rules kinda fast, so we've taken the time to write them all down for you. Grab a personal bottle of cherry rum and glug whenever:

  • There's an awkward pause in the conversation

  • Bodyguard repeats what MK says

  • MK holds her hands like this

  • Takes a pill

  • MK falls asleep

  • MK calls fat professor fat

  • Anyone says "Mary-Kate"

  • MK pukes

  • There's a Full House quote

  • MK says Comet

  • Bodyguard sees right through MK

  • Bodyguard rolls his eyes

Two fun ways to play: You could go back and watch old VMKs—OR, you could replace MK's name with your name and let the fun begin whenever you want and as often as you want! Just don't forget your copy of Smoothies for When You're Woozies for the next morning.