Friday Event Picks: Little Kings Dance Party and Jessica Chastain

Dance at Little Kings, 10 PM, FREE

Immuzikation, Twin Powers, and Z-Dogg are the dance commanders this go-round for the coolest dance party north of Washington and South of Hancock on Hull St. in Athens, GA. Plus, it’s conveniently located directly across from Dawg Gone Good BBQ, which is basically Athenian Gatorade—it replenishes our electrolytes or something.But, really, these Little Kings dance parties are usually a lot of fun. It’s also nice to know you can go out dancing in Athens without feeling like you can’t walk more than 3 feet away from your rape whistle. Not to mention that this particular dance party is being thrown by Boybutante—so, keep an eye out for some fierce queens in attendance.

Also Happening

Zero Dark Thirty at UGA's Tate Theater, 2:30, 6 & 9 PM, $2

Remember how Jessica Chastain didn’t win the Oscar for this movie? I mean, I remember it happening but I’m unsure of how that would happen. She was robbed, I tell you!There’s also something about Osam bin Laden and stuff and things and military action and night vision. But, that Jessica Chastain though.