Soap Operas on the Internet

[hulu]I never watched One Life to Live or All My Children when they were on the air. My family was a strictly Days of Our Lives crew. I can, however, get behind the idea of a daily half-hour serial made for the internet. That's exactly what Prospect Park's revivals of these two soaps are.[hulu]And, as you can tell from those preview clips, the acting is stilted (at best) and everyone is unnaturally pretty. This is to be expected from soap operas, though. In fact, not all of the acting is bad. Many of the younger cast members actually do a passable job.Eric Nelsen as AJ Chandler is a definite standout on All My Children as the 'best friend overlooked by the girl he harbors feelings for'. Also on All My Children, Jordan Lane Price is serving up Mischa Barton realness as Celia.Over on OLTLCorbin Bleu (yes, the guy from High School Musical) is certainly a standout. Of the re-casted original characters, Robert Gorrie's Mathew probably has the most Degrassi-in-their-20s style story as the absent father to his illegitimate son with a girl named Destiny who, shockingly, isn't a stripper (though I don't think she has been on screen for a moment without a bare mid-drift thus far).In all, you should give them a shot. There isn't enough content of this quality created for the web. Find OLTL and All My Children's new internet-only incarnations on Hulu.