Trying Weeds Again

While season 6 of weeds was on the air, the one that opens with the dead lady in the pool, I stopped caring about the show to the extent that I can’t really remember anything that happened. I think there was a hotel at one point? Watching those episodes really just made me go numb and relax into the ridiculousness. Sure, there was always an aire of crazy wafting about the plots in Weeds, but the dialog and wit were so on point that it distracted me.Then, as the show began spiraling out of control and Celia Hodes began appearing less and less, I just didn’t care anymore. All the same, I’m a completionist (when it comes to TV) and knew that one day I would have to finish the series. So, here I sit, watching the final two seasons of Weeds as one of the shows I’m watching between my graduation from UGA and my return to the full-time work force (as the head of PR and web development for a small ISP/IT company) upon the dawning of the new year.As a word of warning, I’m not even done with the show yet. I’m on S8:E7. Though, I doubt it will matter. Perhaps the most important thing is that they brought back the theme song and covers with Season 8. I also know the premise of the finale, so I do plan to revisit that in a separate piece. This one, however, is just to say that Season 8 is better than 7 so far. I shall remain an optimist until the end!Also, Season 7’s first handful of eps gave me a bit of the Orange is the New Black vibe. Less refined, yes–but, I could feel it in there. I’ll revisit this world again once I finish it all off with those epilogue-style episodes (my least favorite way to end a show, by the way).