Shifting Gears Isn't the End of the World. But, It Does Feel Like It.


It pains me to shift back into a mode of adultolescence after a nice 2 year run of solid adulting. I was a really good run.I had bills. I had friends. I would even go out after work for happy hour drinks.

Now, I'm sitting at my desk in South GA after work wondering if I should continue to reorganize my finances or pay to renew the premium account I used to have on Thanks to a new app, I'm actually locked into getting my financial shit together. I'll write up a review about that later (probably not).

It may, or may not, shock you that I had a hard time shifting into full gear adulting after college. I even went back for Fall '13 to (shhhh, don't tell) finish up my degree program. I've had above-average employment since the week after I initially graduated winter '11. Then, I spent 2 years living with my parents to "save" money. Instead I blew it on trips to visit friends and saved something like negative 20,000 dollars thanks to the victory lap to my victory lap at college.

Here's the thing, though. After all is said and done, I'm really OK. I made the correct choice to both get my finances in order and help take care of disabled (but trying harder than ever) mother while also assisting with her and my step-father's recent troubles due to recent job changes on his end.

I did the right thing for once and, dammit, that’s better than OK.

And, you know what? I'm more content and less stressed than I've been since graduating high school. I did the right thing for once and, dammit, that's better than OK. It's rather grand. I have a boss that enjoys working with me enough to accommodate me. The expensive apartment I was a week away from moving into was overly-accommodating.

I made the decision very, very last minute. On paper, I could just pull it off. But, really, I would be being selfish and living paycheck to paycheck (too adulting  in the Roseanne sense for me even though I had convinced myself I had it down). So, that was a month ago. I made the calls. Got (sort of) my utility deposits back and let the existential dread kick in.

But, now that that's mostly gone, I just have to figure out how meeting people works in small towns like this one. I'll more than likely actually write a post chronicling that affair.