From the Draft Pile: My 5 New Year's Q1 Goals


The following post was written (obviously) in January as a abortive New Years resolutions goals post. I have accomplished 1 and 1/2 of these and it is about 2 quarters through the year, Not one. Predicting this, I attempted to make the goals easy. I'm good at life. It's closer to the end of January than the beginning. And, that's how I like these posts. Resolutions are stupid. Unfortunately, the calendar year is just so damn convenient or organize things around.As to not even try and think on the unachievable, huge, life changing goals, I've decided to focus on only the first quarter of 2017.So, here I am writing up my my short term goals for the quarter. Here's the list and I'll come back for a post I'll keep updated on each.

  1. Read the X-Men comics I've been putting off for what seems like forever but lead into the books I love the most. First up is The Phalanx Covenant so I can grasp Gemeration-X better.
  2. Buy an Nvidia Shield TV box and use it as my gateway drug back into gaming. 
  3. Figure out a way to make my cat, Rose, get along with his new friend and roommate... my parents' cat Violet. 
  4. Make at least one trip to visit a friend who lives in a state I don't currently (or recently) live in. 
  5. Figure out a way to make my living situation work. I live in a room that has the laundry room... as a closet

If you've made it this far, you deserve to know that I accomplished #3 because that just happens naturally over time. I also read the Grant Morrison run on New X-Men (again), so that gets a half.