A different approach to dealing with illness that isn't going away.

My mom and I recently spent a long time in the hospital. She also hates when I take picture of her because she lacks a thyroid and, thusly, doesn't really have a metabolism.So, I added some stickers on the photos and added some pictures of cats--both ours and some of the street cats around the hospital--because everyone loves cats.Also, there is a colony of kittens around the hospital. But, that's a different story.The important part is that my mom actually spent much of her life caring for other people. As a YMCA director, as the campaign manager for our little cousin with terminal leukemia, and even yesterday as she demanded I go donate clothes to Goodwill.So, go forth and re-blog/share this link. No one in our family has caught a break for the past handful of years. Maybe help me make one for her? This post, originally posted on my Tumblr, here, seemed like a less dire-sounding tone. Even if you're talking about cancer, COPD, and the rest. This is the second in a series about being a caregiver for better or worse as a man in his late 20s. It’s to raise money for my mother who isn’t doing too hot after a lengthy stint in the hospital that probably shouldn’t have ended quite yet. Check out that link here: http://gofundme.com/HurtByUSHealthcare