From the Draft Pile: Fun-employment 2017


Have you recently found yourself in the state of unemployment, love? Looking for things to do that are both productive and fun? Well. I'll have none of that. Follow my lead and have some fun doing all the worst possible things you can do while unemployed. Here are my current top 5 funemployment tips to get you back on your feet faster than that squarespace site you promised your best friend you would build her before your slow decent into depression will get built.

  1. Showers are for closers.
  2. There are so many YouTube videos of drag queens around.
  3. Avoid all media related to your old job so you're completely out of touch with your former world.
  4. As your subscription video accounts expire, make sure you forget and leave all your shows in  mid season, preferably in a cliffhanger.
  5. Listen to podcasts about tv shows you do not watch.

The picture is of a kitten outside of a hospital. Note, I wrote this in March and am still unemployed. You can read more about mitigating circumstances and why I was at a hospital to take a picture of a stray cat here.