BREAKING: Prince Harry to Marry Ensemble Player on Basic Cable Show


153c424f-22e6-445e-96a5-c6fc97e60bdb.pngPrince/military man/former bad boy/only man in line for the crown with hair Harry of Wales got engaged to someone this week. In fact, the wedding seems to be all planned out and everything.So, who is Meghan Markle? Depending on the outlet, she's an "American TV star," a "philanthropist," or even a "lifestyle blogger." But, we know who she really is. Meghan is the perennial B-plot ensemble cast member on the basic cable show Suits. It's a show that is a hold-out on USA. It isn't faux-tige or a high budget show like their recent additions. It's more in the vein of White Collar and their other mid-to-late oughts shows.(Of note: I have seen every episode. Rachel Zane (Markle's character) is intriguing and mostly well-written. She is definitely a capable actor.) Merkle is not very famous (probably a good thing, though), she will not be a princess (probably Dutchess, though), and they seem to be very happy together (probably good for them, though). Without the royal of it all, she would firmly be a Who, and that's probably good. But, giving up her day job, shuttering her Goop-clone, and leaving suits all seem like a recipe for strife. I guess she's just gonna have to lean on her "philanthropist" title some publications seem to be throwing around.At least Prince Harry seems fun. That featured photo is from a Vegas trip where he played "Strip Billiards."

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