The Drink Like the Panda Countdown

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Over the years, we have covered a lot of things about drinking. Here is a simple countdown of some of our favorites, so you can drink like the rest of us.

4 Drink Recipes

  1. The Cucumber Caipiroska

  2. Simple Wine Jello

  3. Vodka Nutella Shot

  4. Classic Mulled Wine

3 Drinking Games

  1. The Very Mary-Kate Drinking Game

  2. The Buffy Drinking Game

  3. The Community Drinking Game

2 Drinking Guides

  1. Don’t Drink that Box of Wine By Yourself

  2. Drinking Culture

1 Warning Against Thinking Wine Makes All TV Good

  1. There isn’t enough wine in the world to make Splash watchable.


 Please enjoy any alcoholic beverages responsibly.