Gays of Our Lives, Back in Full Swing

American soap operas are miles behind their brutish counterparts. More than a single gay couple on a show at a time? Insanity!But, a much as I've loved watching the dramas of Ste and Harry on Hollyoaks now that it's on Hulu, it will never have the same place in my heart occupied by Days of Our Lives.And, recently, Days has resurrected Will Horton. Specifically, the Chandler Massey version of the character.At first, the story was slow moving. Things have gotten back up to speed, though, and Will spent most of Wednesday starring at Paul's abs and asking him how good they were in bed together.Shall Sonny, Paul, and Will work out their issues? How are Sonny's abs dealing with things? Why did they let Sonny stop shaving his chest? So many questions.I'll be strategically TiVoing through the other storylines to find the answers and making sure to put any interesting bits here.Check you local listings to see when Days of Our Lives airs locally for you. It's usually around 1pm. P.S. Sad Paul's sweater this week looks real nice.