Todd Almost Reviews "So This is Christmas"

Hey, y'all, it's Todd.I'm just stopping by to tell y'all about a new movie I saw. It was on the FlixBox. I was just clicking around and saw they had a bunch of Christmas films on there. I picked one called "So This is Christmas." It's like that song by that Beatle with the glasses and the Yoko lady.The little blurb thingy on the Flix says it's about a wayward teen that finds the true meaning of Christmas by organizing a pageant. I love pageants. I used to get all dolled up and pretend like I was Miss Teen Georgia. Like all little boys do. You know.Anyway, I put this little movie on and climbed into the bed I definitely share with my human female wife. Then I pop my three Ambien with my nightly bottle of Chardonay and get ready for the Christmas adventure."So This Is Christmas" Vivica A. Fox and Eric RobertsThis is around when Vivica Fox pops up as the love interest for the creepy guy from every ABC thriller show from the last decade and I don't remember anything after that.I woke up on my friend Gary's couch without any pants on. I met him through this friend-making app with the orange mask logo. NOTHING HAPPENED. Sometimes I just like to take off my pants.So, I didn't see the entire movie. My human female wife that I love and definitely made children with the old fashioned way and not in a test-tube said it was great. So, I'll give it 4/5 Ambien