Roseanne is Trying Her Best to Make Me Hate Roseanne

catgh6fa_400x400.jpg's start with this. Trump literally endorsed a pedophile anti-semite who lost a few weeks ago. one is basically the same thing. But, also, if you voted for Bernie because you agreed with him and then turned around and voted for Trump you're an idiot. If you think Trump hasn't already done the opposite of everything Sanders stood for, you are a bigger idiot. Better? Wait. She just retweeted a string of tweets from @PrisonPlanet. I give up.'s good. Tweet more things like this and maybe I'll stop hoping that the reboot of Roseanne makes a last-minute switch to having Dan alive and Roseanne dead.*It's no secret that she's grown older and swung to the right. She also seems more gullible than my mother when it comes to believing false news stories on the internet without fact-checking them.Hell, she spread a story about one of Roy Moore's accusers that was discredited long ago--which, actually, makes her a hypocrite even in her own weird sense of morality. (Almost half of her tweets are about anti-semitism, pedophilia, or both.)I still watch old episodes of Roseanne as TV comfort food. I'm just hoping the doses of Whitney Cummings and Wanda Sykes can keep the reboot from being too bat-shit crazy.*I know they're both alive in the reboot that basically retcons the final seasons out.