The Difference Between: Weather & Climate

hqdefault1.jpg don't mean to be rude, but Donald Trump is a fucking moron. It's cold! We sure could use some of that good 'ol global warmin'! But, climate and weather aren't the same. I know the ability to grasp un-observable concepts that aren't in the Bible are beyond most Trump supporters. Basically, anomalies in the Arctic called "teleconnections" can impact weather in extreme ways. El Nino might be the main teleconnection you've heard about. Anomalies can cause these one-off swings at the end of their chain-reactions that cause record winters against a trending warmer climate.

Uncharacteristically cold winters, however, just might be one of the most hard felt effects of climate change, according to a study published in Nature Geoscience by a team of researchers. -- NatGeo

Maybe "global warming" is bad branding, but it does cause cold snaps. In fact, it could all end with another ice age. So, "climate change" is maybe the more appropriate choice.The most important thing, however, is to know that "weather" is how things are right now. Climate is how things are over a long period of time.