Catfish of the Web: @blakeajgators


Update 5/8/2018

After we received an email asking us to take down the content ascribed to @blakeajgators (an email that was later retracted), we decided to dig a little deeper. It took a while, but the real Blake M. Janssen finally got in touch with us after we reached out to him yesterday morning. He proved his identity and we agreed to update the post.

The story goes that Blake was cat-fished himself into sending compromising pictures to someone he thought was an interested female via Snapchat. The recipient was using a Snapchat catcher and saved everything. Those, along with images that were already publicly available, were used to con people on a larger scale.

The goal seems to have been conning people out of money in exchange for the recycled content they had posted over and over. This failed due to sites like OnlyFans requiring I.D. verification.Of note, the account always seemed to be linked somehow to "Thomas from BeefCakeHunter." This one turned out to be fake. The other? We'll see.

Confirmed Fake Social Links

Twitter: @blakeajgators
Tumblr: blakeajgators
Insta: maxwellfsufsumaxwell

Real Social Links

Twitter: @blakemjanssen
Insta (🔒): blakejanssen
LinkedIn: in/blakejanssen
Facebook: blake.janssen.54