Remembering The Grit


The Grit in Athens, GA was one of my favorite places to go in Athens, GA. It's still there, but I am long gone. I haven't been to Athens in a few years and I haven't been to The Grit for even longer.The Golden BowlThat Golden Bowl. That Golden Bowl. Veggies, brown rice, tofu with nutritional yeast, and cheese. I have tried and failed many a time to get my tofu golden-bowl ready. I've even gone so far as to buy the cookbook and follow the directions.Someone go to The Grit and FedEx me a Golden Bowl. Or, try your hand at it by grabbing the book.  If you can get it right, I'll be your friend forever. is a photo of Walker (@jokesmithe) the last time I was probably at The Grit. We were all very hungover. Being hungover at The Grit is a privilege. Do not take it for granted while you have the chance.IMG_20130221_132507I will make it back to you, fair The Grit. One day we shall meet again. Probably before I get a chance to make it to Chicago and/or hear from Walker Smith again.