Rippon to Rip It Up on Dancing with the Stars


Although I have not once seen an entire episode of Dancing with the Stars, that might change. Granted, I originally started to write this article as an excuse to talk about the very hot photos Rippon did for Attitude Magazine in the UK (which were pretty great), but I might actually watch?Hear me out for a moment. The problem I've always had with the show is that there were always a few dead weights that would drop in the first few weeks and then there would be one or two clear winners that performed above and beyond. That's cool and all, but I'm not a huge fan of ballroom dancing–so, I'll pass.Adam Rippon on the BeachThis time, they're all professional athletes. So, the training shouldn't come as a huge shock to the system and they should all be in relatively good shape. Maybe it'll be a bit more competitive? Though, I have a feeling a figure skater might take to dancing faster than a ballplayer.

All of the Athletes:

Adam Rippon, Olympian figure skater, paired with Jenna JohnsonArike Ogunbowale, college basketball player, with Gleb SavchenkoChris Mazdzer, Olympian Luger, with Witney CarsonJamie Anderson, Olympia snowboarder, with Artem ChigvintsevJennie Finch Daigle, former softball pitcher, with Keo MotsepeJohnny Damon, former MLB outfielder, with Emma SlaterJosh Norman, NFL cornerback, with Sharna BurgessKareem Abdul-Jabbar, former NBA superstar, with Lindsay ArnoldMirai Nagasu, Olympian figure skater, with Alan BerstenTonya Harding, former competitive skater, with Sasha FarberThs athletes season of DWTS premieres April 30 at 8p ET on ABC.

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