Branden Hayward Wants to Make You Better at Sex in 6 Steps


Person trainer Branden Hayward is following up his YouTube series 6 Gym/Diet Hacks for Better Sex, by setting down his alter ego (drag queen slash trainer Wanda) to try and make you better in bed.

1. When you have sex, you are giving a gift. You are also receiving a gift. Treat it, and expect to be treated, accordingly2. Surround yourself with sex-positive, open-minded people of various backgrounds. This will give you the opportunity to honestly discuss what is and isn’t working in your sex life, away from the judgment or narrow-mindedness you may have grown up around. You can begin to find your sexual “North Star” this way.3. As you figure out what you like, find a diplomatic but clear way to express it to potential partners, also asking them what they are looking for. This will save time and spare stress. Don’t ever be ashamed of your preferences just because they are too ______ (kinky, vanilla, etc.) for someone else. Sex should feel amazing, and that can only happen if you’re enjoying it.Branden Hayward by Matt Hopkins4. Squat, deadlift, row and bench-press heavy to build powerful muscle and boost testosterone levels.5. If you're a bottom, ask five of your bottom friends how they prep for sex. Try each method and figure out what formula is perfect for your body. Don't skip it. And if you're a top, acknowledge and express gratitude for the work the bottom went through to prep for you.6. Give yourself the permission to make mistakes, and to change your mind, at any time, about anything.6a00e55229acd6883301bb0a02befb970d-500wi.jpgYou can book your online or in-person training with Branden at 20% off the first package of in-person or remote training sessions with code "Wanda."You can find even more of Hayward on his Instagram.

All photos by Matt Hopkins