Paper Boys, a New Diverse, Queer, Fantasy-Dramedy Series

Paper Boys Cast and Crew

Paper Boys Cast and Crew

On May 10th, queer-male-centric streaming service Dekkoo launches the six-episode first season of Paper Boys, a magical romantic comedy about self-discovery.

The show is about Cole who secretly makes the bold move to San Francisco under the cover of attending his straight best friend's engagement party. He wants to escape a job that's going nowhere and the memories of a summer romance.

Upon getting to San Francisco, he runs into that romance and feelings begin to resurface. After his friend Daren lets it slip that his engagement was accidental, Cole tries to put their lives back on track—whatever the consequences. Oh yeah, and he uses a magic sketchbook.

Paper Boys was created by Curtis Casella and Kyle Cabral (a cinematics artist for video games like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones). Casella writes, directs, and edits and Cabral directed the first two episodes while playing Cole. They met when they were both living in New York City, becoming friends once they realized they shared an enthusiasm for telling stories.

Casella and Cabral had already shot and released the first two episodes online when Dekkoo stepped in to finance, expand and release "Paper Boys" as their fourth original series after Feral, Love is Blind and I’m Fine.

Cabral describes Paper Boys as “the story of a young, gay Asian-American artist who moves from New York to San Francisco looking to jump-start his career and relationships, and discovers he has a magical power that allows him to reshape his life through his art.”

“One of the things that are really important to us is that 'Paper Boys' isn’t seen as just a web series with gay people of color, but a web series with gay people of color with a story and characters audiences like and want to see more of." — Kyle Cabral

The rest of the show drops on May 10th, but you can get a jump on it by watching the first two and meeting the cast and crew at