China Screens First Nation Wide Gay Film

The French-Chinese co-production Looking for Rohmer is about a dancer (Han Geng) mourning his friend Rohmer (Jérémie Elkaim), who died in an avalanche. The film premiered Friday, becoming the first film with an A-plot gay storyline to be released in the nation. It's a historic landmark for the LGBTQ community in China.looking-for-rohmer750x422.jpgSadly, Sixth Tone reports that only three people attended the premiere—all gay men. So, not quite the eye opener for the Chinese masses, but you have to start somewhere.One viewer told Sixth Tone that the film was artsier than "gay," as the references to the characters' sexual identities were hinted at more than explicit. Physical contact between them was limited to a back rub and hand-holding, cues that "might go unnoticed by straight moviegoers."

Image from Looking for Rohmer