Here Are the Best and Worst Places to Live in Europe for Gay Professionals


A new survey by Expert Market takes a look at what countries are the best to live in for LGBTQ professionals. The survey looked at "factors such as employment rights on sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as laws against hate crime."After the call from The European Court of Justice (ECJ) for same-sex spouses to receive residential rights in all European countries, it seems the perfect time to dive into where in Europe would be a great new home and where might leave a lot to be desired for.

Best Queer Places to Live in Europe

Top 5

  1. Malta
  2. Denmark
  3. Croatia
  4. Austria
  5. Spain

Bottom 5

  1. Latvia
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Italy
  4. Lithuania
  5. Ireland

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Illustration from Hannah Whitfield