Roy Moore's Wife Sad Pulitzer Prize Went to Journalism About Her Bigot Husband

The Washington Post and Alabama Media Group’s/’s John Archibald were awarded Pulitzer Prizes for work done on the Roy Moore story during the recent special election for a new Alabama Senator.If you don't remember, Moore was waylaid in the media once his terrible ideas were shown under a light for the world to see. This included many of his staunch anti-LGBTQ stances—a point driven home further because the opponent that eventually bested Moore, Doug Jones, has a gay son.Well, Kayla isn not very pleased. She shared her displeasure on Facebook, saying in part, “when journalism becomes a political tool to assassinate someone’s character with false accusations because they disagree with him politically, it is no longer journalism and not worthy of any prize.”Try telling that to Moore's friends over on Fox News.