UK Hairdresser Gets Life in Prison for Intentionally Infecting Grindr Dates with HIV


PROD-10172604_10153978277500618_6485594457367575240_nJPG1Daryll Rowe, a 27-year-old UK hairdresser, was given life in prison for purposely infecting Grindr dates with HIV by sabotaging condoms. Rowe was convicted of five counts of "grievous bodily harm with intent" and five additional counts of "attempted grievous bodily harm" by a jury last November.The Guardian reported that Rowe "repeatedly sabotaged condoms, and then mocked victims saying that he was 'riddled' with the virus after they raised concerns. One man said that Rowe was 'laughing' when he called, adding: 'Burn. I got you.'”Rowe was arrested February 2016. Police issued a public health advisory, but Rowe used a fake name to target men on Grindr. When he was eventually apprehended, police discovered a backpack full of damaged condoms in his possession.At the sentencing hearing, Judge Christine Henson told Rowe that his victims are “suffering life sentences because of your cruel and senseless acts." She continued on to note that the sentence was "not about stigmatizing anyone living with HIV."