Everyone Should be on PrEP; New Ad in DC Focuses on Trans Lantinx Community


Pledge to be PrEPared” is a new campaign launched last week in preparation for National Transgender HIV Testing Day that was on April 18th, by the DC Department of Health. Its aim of the ads is to teach the trans community in DC about the use of PrEP.

PrEP (Preexposure Prophylaxis), is a medication that can prevent HIV infection. It's the same medicines (like Truvada) that are actually used to treat HIV after infection as well. When taken in perfectly spaced doses, PrEP is over 90% effective.

PrEP Pledge

There are a reported 12,964 human being currently living in Washington, DC with HIV, based on a 2017 report. So, anything that can help to bring that number down is more than welcome. Way to rock it, DC Department of Health!