Dirtbag in Texas Gets Probation after Murdering Gay Neighbor, Why? “Gay Panic”


Daniel SpencerThe "gay panic" homophobic murderer of Daniel Spencer was brought to "justice" today. James Miller was only found guilty of "criminally negligent homicide" and sentenced to 10 years of probation after the jury ruled he was innocent of the murder charges against him. Why? He claimed Spencer made an advance on him, and "gay panic" made Miller stab him to death.His mother, Marsha Spencer told the jury. “I’m tortured by the thought of how Daniel died and I’m tortured by the fact that he suffered and that he was alone when he died. It’s a loss that cuts deeply.”In Texas, it is still just fine under the law to get away with murder by saying a gay man’s advances can justify killing him. Because that's the world we're living in. Gay rights sometimes stop at state borders. If you make a pass and the guy turns out straight, it should end with an "Oh, I'm sorry, my bad," and not a fatal stabbing.The judge did add on six months of jail time, 100 hours of community service, along with a restitution of $11,000 for the victim’s family. Portable alcohol monitoring for at least a year was also involved. So, that's good, I think?