Shatterstar, True LGBT Representation in Deadpool 2? Maybe.


Deadpool is sometimes raised up as an example of representation in comics. I'm not even sure his pansexuality is 100% canon in the Marvel universe (Earth-616 at least).There is good Deadpool-adjacent gay news, though. Deadpool 2 is bringing us X-Force. More specifically, Deadpool 2 is bringing us bad-hair-having, weird-helmet-wearing Shatterstar. is a transdimensional hero from the Mojoverse who is bisexual and polyamorous. His longtime friendship with Rictor blossomed in the Peter David's great X-Factor Investigations book to become a beautiful romance (image at the top).He's glam! He's bi-sexual! He feuds over his man with a pregnant wolf woman! He is Shatterstar!On top of all that, he is also his own grandpa! The son of Longshot and gay-mutant-icon Dazzler was sent to the future as a baby by his older self. He is also the genetic source for the creation of Longshot in the past. X-Men!And this morning, in other Deadpool/Gay news, here is Deadpool (maybe the wonderful Yanis Marshall?) interpretive dancing in heels to a new Celine song for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack. I called it! It was the amazing Yanks Marshall!