The Big, Gay X-Men Book of My Dreams


 [gallery ids="5404,5407,5408,5405,5414,5403,5406" type="slideshow"]The image gallery above contains my picks for the Queer X-Men book I've always wanted. Click on the image to find out why I picked each of them.iceman-2-coverA while ago, adjectiveless X-Men had a run with all X-Women, and I mostly liked it. The stories were hit-and-miss (after the initial few arcs) but the concept was definitely on point.So, now that there are enough queer mutants to fill out a squad, I'm hoping for a book like this in the future. Hell, even a one-shot.As a bonus, these characters come with a nice set of Friends of the X-Men. Time-displaced Iceman's boyfriend, Northstar's husband, Daken's relationship with Honeybadger...This is all a dream that will probably never happen. I know this. Mainly, I know this because the sublime Sina Grace Iceman was canceled and that's probably the closest we'll ever get to one of these.

Who would be on your Queer X-Men team? Sound off in the comments below.

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