Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin, Signs Law Banning LGBTQ Adoption

OK Gov. Fallin

Faith-based adoption and foster care agencies, even those in deals with the state, can now legally reject prospective parents whose identities don't line up with their religion. And, it's all thanks to Senate Bill 1140—legislation signed into law by Governor Mary Fallin yesterday afternoon.

Granted, it isn't all homophobia in the bill. The bill allows for discrimination of same-sex couples, gay individuals, single parents, Muslim people, Jewish people and any other group that doesn't fit in with the religious institution's idea of a good parental unit.Fallin issued a statement saying that this won't "be in any way restricting current practice allowing LGBTQ individuals and couples fostering or adopting.”In response, the HRC issued a release on the matter. It says in part, that Fallin "has cemented her legacy, siding with discrimination and the legislature in throwing kids under the bus to create a ‘license to discriminate’"Less you think this is an isolated trend, Kansas's legislature passed a very similar bill that awaits the signature of Governor Jeff Colyer. He has spoken positively about the bill, so he will probably move forward with it.

These things tend to catch on like this. Republican legislatures will take a bill and try to pass it in as many states as possible. This happened with the invasive ultra-sound abortion bills a few years ago, and these "religious freedom" bills seem to be taking that same path.


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