Republican Governor Phil Scott of Vermont Signs Trans Bathroom Bill

In a nice step forward among so many steps back, the Republican Governor Phil Scott of Vermont signed a gender-neutral bathroom bill into law. This goes against many in his party, and many of President Trump's supporters.

That's a bit of info Scott knows well, saying that “treating others in this way is not who we are as Vermonters, and I hope the signing of this bill will send a powerful message that that’s not the way we act.”The details of the bill are that all single-occupancy restrooms in the state of Vermont must be labeled as gender neutral. So, it's more of a baby step for trans and gender-nonconforming citizens of Vermont. But at least it isn't a bathroom I.D. law like in some states.

The bill was HB 333, and pass back in April with a nice majority of legislators. Now that it's signed, the law will go into effect on July 1.

Image from @outrightvermont