PnP? Study Finds Link Between Meth Use and HIV Progression—Even During Treatment

A new study has found that the use of stimulants like methamphetamine can cause the health of HIV-positive persons to decline even when they are adhering to their medical regimen."We are now testing behavioral interventions in San Francisco and Miami that are designed to reduce stimulant use in people living with HIV," Research lead, Adam Carrico said. "Hopefully, decreasing the use of stimulants like methamphetamine will allow for better control of the HIV viral load and could even directly improve the immune system."The inter-university study was conducted among the University of California San Francisco, University of California Los Angeles, New York University, and the University of Miami. Methods involved "epigenetic analyses of samples from 55 HIV-positive, methamphetamine-using men who were receiving effective antiretroviral therapy."You can read the lest of the science-heavy press release at Eureka Alert.