"I've Got the Dirt on the Royal Wedding": Everyone Who Has Ever Interacted With Meghan Markle Before 1999


Prince_Harry_and_Meghan_Markle If you're an American vaguely related to the trashy side of Meghan Markle's family, your time has run out. You had all year to get your 15 minutes of fame being interviewed on UK breakfast television, and you blew it.Even cousins that didn't know they were cousins are getting in on the action.I would be incredibly surprised if the Daily Mail hasn't cold-called most of America for quotes about the soon-to-be-dutchess. I mean, I haven't personally been asked, but I'm just as reliable as the third cousin she used to babysit—probably. I mean, I've heard from her just as often over the last decade-or-so.As a viewer of the very cable-y cable show Suits, I'm more of an Authority on Meghan Markle than the half-sister that's writing that tell-al about her. Hell, I've already seen her married once.And, for all intents and purposes, basing all of my knowledge about Meghan Markle on a paralegal she's play on a basic cable drama for almost a decade is just as accurate as someone basing it on "that one time my aunt baby sat her in 1992."It's all over tonight/tomorrow (depending on time zones and sleep paterns). The US media and my own brian will, once again, forget who Meghan Markle is—until she has a baby inside her, that is. 

Images from Wikimedia Commons