Avengers Infinity War Might Have Been the Worst Avengers Movie Yet



The new Avengers movie made me leave the theater screaming it was so fucking bad.

The entire movie is a bunch of fucking bull shit Thanos (if you do not know) killed half the fucking cast. Like, they're all dead and nothing has been said from the director about it.Now at that yes there has been multiple and by multiple I mean SO MANY conspiracies about the new movie that there all gonna come back and that’s great if they do. But what I think people aren’t understanding is they killed off half of the entire Avengers just to bring them back.That may be the stupidest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life. This movie was first of all fucking making me angry then when Groot died and before he died he said ” I am Groot ” as always but no one knew what he said. Then, the director said, Groot said ” dad ” to Rocket because rocket raised him. Now that fucking made me cry and that might have been the only good scene in the entire movie in my personal opinion.The entire movie was just a shit fest—fucking terrible. Also, why does Thanos have a fucking Homer Simpson beard? Really Marvel? Really? It’s obvious too. And, honestly, it’s funny but also, like, ”What The Fuck Marvel?”Basically, I do not suggest going to go see this movie I highly suggest waiting until it’s either on Netflix or you can buy it on DVD or something. Do not under any circumstance put yourself through that pain in a theater because the movie was that bad.

It will just fucking make you so upset the entire time and the saddest part is we have no idea what is going to happen. We just have theories. They might keep them dead—we have no idea and, that is what fucking sucks.