Darwin Project VS Fornite, Which one is better? 

The main thing I wanna talk about here is the battle royale aspect of the two games. In Darwin Project, you have to go against 9 people (10 including you). The only weapon you have is an ax, a bow, and a turret—but we'll get onto the topic of electronics later.

What Fortnite has to offer is great gameplay, great community, and always updating the game which always makes the game fresh and new. But in some circumstances always updating the game isn't the right choice to make with a Battle Royal.My point here is the guns are o-k I guess? There are some guns that are just stupidly OP and make no sense under any circumstance you can build bases which is awesome. Don't get me wrong about that but the only problem is the Repetitive aspect of Fortnite.Now a lot of people can make the argument that every battle royale is repetitive now yes this is true, but when it comes to Darwin Project you have electronics.darwin-project-crafting-wheel-600x338These electronics are all over the map and the "Director" a.k.a. the host of the game who controls everything can put extra electronics anywhere and do basically anything. And that's another thing that Darwin Project has that Fortnite does not.This aspect of the game is amazing in my opinion. The Director is awesome because you can assume this position when you host a game. Basically, the only problem with Darwin Project at the moment is they have not released the squad game mode yet. This is because the game is still under development.My basic point here in this VS battle is that Darwin Project may have fewer people to go against but, in the end, can that be better? Because its fewer people to worry about. Counting the director aspect, it's just a lot of fun. You get to talk to someone (the director) and they can either help you or not help you. I honestly love that. It's awesome to have someone just rule the game and decide what happens.

Thank you so much for reading this. Post how you feel about Darwin Project and Fortnite in the comments :)