Is Rust An Underrated Game?

Now the thing about Rust is if you don't like survival/building bases, Rust is definitely not for you. But if you do, then Rust is your game. I promise you that the only problem with it is that the community is legit terrible. Everyone in the community is assholes the entire game is KOS on sight if you're not teamed with someone you're basically gonna get triple teamed every single time you get the good stuff.

That is just the bad part of Rust. The good part is there are modded servers like x2, x3 loot so you can get loot faster and kill people faster build bases and maybe even take over a server.The good thing about Rust is you are never done you can always add onto your base get more stuff raid bases, make friends, make enemies you can seriously do anything you want in the game you can even just drop all of your stuff and completely restart and do it all over again.A lot of people will make the argument that Rust is basically a real-life version of Minecraft, now yes they do similarities but Rust is like the rated M version of Minecraft, So if you're ever looking for a Mature version of Minecraft and a fun, killing, building bases, making friends game.I think Rust would be good for you. And me personally I seriously think it's underrated now yes it has a wide variety of people playing it but ever since all of these games have come out including Fortnite no one really has time for games that take effort and time.So if you ever want a game that is well Fun, Take's Skill, Take's Time, And is just an all out fun time either with friends or without.Here are some pictures of big bases that people have made to show the possibilities are endless in Rust

I highly suggest Rust.     :)