Is the new IT better than the original IT?


"Is the new IT better than the original IT?" I have been asked this question by numerous amounts of people, and my personal opinion is yes. And I have reason to feel like that.

First of all, the original IT (as you know) was made in November 1990. And being made a while ago, the props/makeup/technology they had to make the movie weren't as good as the new one. Now, at that, I do personally believe that the original IT will always go in the record books. It was an outstanding movie and Tim Curry did an amazing job as Pennywise.The new IT was made later and, also a big thing that really changed my opinion about if it was better, was that it was in theaters. This means they can do and show what ever they want and it was rated R.  Like how Stephen King wanted it to be so they really push the boundaries on how the kids would REALLY react to a scary clown because in my opinion the movie they showed on TV just didn't equal up to the standards that we IT fans wanted, and then the new IT in theaters came out and we were all blown away I personally still do this day think it was an amazing movie I think the kids were amazing actors,  Bill Skarsgård did an outstanding job at playing Pennywise.My final thing I will say about this is, sadly and I do mean sadly because I really wanted the original to be better so much I really did. But looking at the reviews and just how many people were waiting for the second IT when they are adults it's just outstanding the movie made $252,434,250 and the budget for the movie was just 4 million.

They made so much money off of this movie.  And let's not forget how I seriously didn't see anything wrong with the new movie they got everything right, the kids they got to play them were just outstanding choices, no one could have played those kids better then they did.