Unaloon: LiL BO WEEP, an Artist to Watch

"Without you I am not me" is what comes to mind when I listen to LiL BO WEEP. It comes from verse 1 of her most commonly known song I wrote this song 4 u. It's the first song I ever heard by her. Winona Brooks, LiL BO WEEP, is an extremely talented singer and producer. She's someone I can personally look up to at the age of 18.Winona is a 20-year-old vocalist from "the Land Down Under..." I mean Adelaide, Austrailia. She currently has two albums on Spotify, SOLOS and SOLOS 2. Both of which I listen to repeatedly. It feels as though I can listen to her eternally. Her voice is so angelic and has a hint of innocence. Her music is categorized under emo, Lo-Fi, hip hop. I personally relate to her songs and the lyrics really hit me.

As of today, May 20th, LiL BO WEEP has 154K monthly listeners on Spotify. She has 27K subscribers on YouTube, 8K followers on her old Soundcloud and 4K on her new one. Not to mention 113K followers on Instagram and 10.4K followers on Twitter.