"This Is America" Will Change Everything.



Childish Gambino's new song This Is America will change how America thinks about how we act—or so I hope.

The song is about numerous things:Media

  • The video explains how the media only cares about the dancing and the funny stuff of the world to distract you from the real things that are going on.  Another point I want to make about Media is cell phones in the music video Gambino says "This a celly, that's a tool" and it pans to kids using cell phones which means the cellphones are tools for things to get out and for you to be distracted by what's really happening in America.


  • Through the entire video it is explaining how America has been racist and prejudice for god knows how long one of these examples is the movement and dance moves, are modeled after Jim Crow, who was commonly used in the 1950's where White actors would paint their faces and put bright pink makeup on their lips to make them seem bigger basically using the black stereotype.

Gun Violence

  • There are numerous shootings in the video one at the start to show the praise we give guns at the start they put the gun in a red cloth and take it away carefully but the body is pulled away with no care. Then there is a scene where Gambino walks into the church and a child gives him an AK-47 and he shoots all of the choir referencing towards the shooting in Charleston where a white teenage male shoot up the entire church which was found later that it was an act of Racism.

Basically what Gambino is saying, is that America is under a spell we are blinded by our cell phones and how media is delivering things to us so we won't see what is really going on and him making this music video is showing that he knows it.https://youtu.be/9_LIP7qguYw