Big Brother 20: A Speed Run to Day 18 #BB20


It’s always tough to try and write an early recap of Big Brother each summer. So much so, that I had decided to leave it to @hamsterwatch this year.Then the feeds started. Holy shit. This cast kicked into high gear. So I can’t hold back anymore, and I'm starting with a speed run to get current. The plan is to update every few days--or as important stuff happens.82207033a533bf6562f5430844486998.jpg

Days 1 to 18

The early house split happened like normal. On one side, we had Angela, Brett, Winston, Kaycee, and Rachel. The other side was Swaggy C, Fessy, Rockstar, Haleigh, and  Bayleigh. Somewhere in the middle, we had JC, Steve, Sam, Scottie, and Tyler.Tyler won the first HOH and things started moving as he started playing all sides. We learned over a few days that he had a strong relationship (to varying degrees) with Kaycee, JC, and Sam outside of any standing alliances. The first noms of the summer were Sam and Steve. Swaggy decided that Steve was gonna stay and Sam was gonna go. Tyler slowly solidified his alignment with the Brett/Winston side of the house and felt Sam would be easier to work with than Steve. He wanted to keep Sam but didn’t quite have the numbers.Meanwhile, Sam got the power (“a chance to re-enter the game” if evicted) and things slowly shifted until we got to Kaitlin being the first to flip on her alliance at the urging of Tyler.The vote came down 7-6 to evict Steve, and Swaggy was shocked. Kaitlyn managed to manifest a win for HOH and plotted to backdoor Swaggy. Other stuff happened, too, but boy/girl show-mances are soooooo boring.

Day 19 house is mostly divided along the same lines. The backdoor plan for Swaggy is still in motion. Tyler holds most of the power even though he isn’t HOH, and the CBS episode reveals he also got the Power App to save himself in one single ceremony over the next two months.The only interesting alliance shifts is the slow build to the official collapse of “#FOUTTE” (The Swaggy Side, named by Kaitlyn) and the build up of these side deals Tyler has that could give him a instant backup alliance if merged.Those are Tyler plus JCSamKaitlyn/Kaycee. 

The Power

HOH: KaitlynPOV: TylerNoms: Scottie, WinstonHave-Nots: Fessy, Haleigh, JC, RockstarTyler and Sam both hold powers from the BB App Store.