Men of the Web: We Interview Adult Entertainer Ethan Steele


Ethan Steele has been through it at such a young age. Luckily for us, he had pushed through to the other side and can come out (relatively) clean as a new member of the Holland House Studios crew. We caught up with him and had a lovely chat about addiction, coming out twice, and so much more. After the interview, he also sent us some pictures for a gallery you can click through.

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I spent the majority of my life high and pretty depressed. Several months ago got kicked out and was struggling to survive. —Ethan Steele

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Ethan's Links

Twitter: @ethansteelexxxAmazon: Wish list

The Pale Panda: First let’s get to know you with something silly. If you were to describe yourself as a fast food order, what would it be?
Ethan Steele: Spicy mc.chicken with a large fry and a large vanilla shake

P: What entertainment recommendations do you have?
E: The movies: we are the millers and the 40-Year-Old Virgin. The tv series: Weeds, King of the HilSongs: and, Family Guy. Songs: "3 Foot Tall" by Classified, "No Grass Today" by AJR, and "What It's Like" by Everlast.

P: Do you prefer studio work or cam work?
E: I equally enjoy studio work and camming. On cam, I get to chill and get to know my fans and with studio work, I love getting to put on a good performance

P: Have you “come out” to anyone in your everyday life as your profession?
E: Not really. I'm considering it though

P: Is it a fear that keeps you from pulling the trigger or something else?
E: I never really was out of the closet with being gay so I'm sure it would be a shocker to most of my friends and family

P: Where do you go for inspiration? What place, person, or thing inspires you?
E: I watch motivational videos on youtube Daily. Very few people go to a motivational speech and change. I learned you gotta listen to them daily and they then start affecting everything you do. I listen to them when I get up when I workout and when I'm having a hard time it has made life a lot better and I strive to push my self harder every day.

P: What other adult performers, if any, inspire you and your work?
E: Sammy Martin. He's very good at what he does, he's a great scene partner, he started a very successful studio and he's just an all-out great guy.

P: What's the general background on your life you would like to share?
E: I spent the majority of my life high and pretty depressed. Several months ago got kicked out and was struggling to survive. I got myself an apartment started camming and was more miserable than ever pretending life was was good I had fallen even deeper into drug abuse and was kinda hoping I would just die then I got the best opportunity one could ask for with Holland house studios. They provided a good support network, they gave me something to strive for, got me outa my dirty gross apartment and best of all helped me get sober. I'm officially 3 months sober and happier than ever

P: Are you a gamer at all and if so any recommendations?
E: Sid Meyers Civilization V

P: Do you enjoy the more slow-burn games? Does that translate to board games? Do you play at all?
E: Lol I play Catan as well (it's a board game).